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Automatic Core Cutting Machine

- Auto Model -


This model is no longer available

Will be upgrade to newer version

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User-Friendly, Stability, Speedy cutting, Safety and Dust-Free. Especially design for your requirement. Our automatic core cutting machine can cut various core material such as paper core and PE plastic core in vary sizes.

Special Features

- Easy to use with user-friendly design LCD touch screen panel.

- Support heavy duty with special design and High Grade aluminium alloy body.

- High speed and high accuracy operating with servo Motor and Intelligent controlling system with PLC.

- Work safe with safety system.

- Stable cutting and dust-free with High Speed blade and high power blade driver motor

- Can cut in vary sizes and various material (paper , non-adhesive film)

- Instant switching operation mode between Automatic and Manual mode

High performance controlling and driving system

Our intelligent controlling program applied on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) made it very flexible on your demand. This automatic core cutting machine is very accurate and stable by the high performance Servo Motor driven system and also support the heavy duty job by the powerful motor.


Easy to use with user-friendly design touch screen interface panel. You can set your target core size and quantity via the touch screen panel directly and run the machine immediately. Or only setting the target size, then the machine will calculate the quantity automatically (special function). Moreover, Our machine can switch the cutting mode between Automatic and Manual back and forth easily.

High quality result

You'll got the dust-less and neatly core in a few seconds. Perfectly save your time, resources, labour human and reduce the injury from the accident of the old cutting system in old school machine.


Standard Inner Core Size 3 inches
Standard Core Length 1 - 1.2 m.
Paper Core Thickness 3-20 mm.
Machine Tolerance +/- 0.10 mm.
Servo Motor Yes
Power Supply 220 V AC
Controlling System PLC
Control Panel HMI Touchscreen
Machine Material Aluminium Alloy frame
Power Supply 220 V AC
Safety Guard Optional
Special Core Size Optional
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