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Model V.3 - Automatic Label Counting Machine

***More Ergonomics***

New design for more ergonomics and more abilities

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Semi-Auto Gen-3 Manual Core Cutting Machine

* * * * * *

Makes your heavy task easier

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Gen-3 Manual Core Cutting Machine

*** Small but Powerful ***

Heavy Duty Support and cutting easily.

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Automatic Core Cutting Machine


Suitable for heavy duty job and various log-roll

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Automatic Core Cutting Machine


Perfect for cutting craft paper tube

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New Model Core Cutting Machine

(will be release soon)

เครื่องตัดแกนกระดาษรุ่นใหม่....เร็วๆ นี้

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2 Blades Manual Gen-3

*** Faster than Standard Gen-3 ***

Comes up with double blades in one machine.

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Model-2019 Automatic Label Counting Machine


High performance counting machine with many options

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VS Automatic Label Counting Machine

*** With Vision Inspection ***

Plus the standard version more ability with vision inspection.

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Manual Core Cutting Machine

*** Extra long series ***

High performance and Heavy Duty support paper core cutting machine in manual system

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Automatic Label Counting Machine

(automatic label counter & rewinder)

Comes with common functions with high accuracy and high-speed counting and easy to use.

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CNC Router/Milling Machine

*** Model T01 ***

High performance CNC Router/Milling machine, manufacture by Thaitech Solution Co.,Ltd.

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Automatic Core Cutting Machine

*** Auto Model ***

High performance Automatic Core Cutting Machine with smart programming and heavy duty supported

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Modified Letterpress

Label Printing Machine

Retrofit your old flatbed letterpress printing machine with our new genius system, makes your machine like new!

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Automatic Feeding Unit

for Printing Machine

Replace your feeding unit in your old machine(such as Shiki) with our intelligent feeding system

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