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Automatic Label Counting Machine - New Model-2019

(automatic label counter & rewinder)


This model is no longer available

It's upgraded to V.3

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Label Counter,Label Counting Machine

         New innovative High speed label counter with more functions to serve your demand.
Suitable for Printing, Packaging and Pharmaceutical industry.

         With Intelligent algorithm and high performance controlling & driving system make this machine works perfectly.
Our Label Counter can Counting number of the labels and Measuring the roll's length at the same time accurately
by setting only one preset very easily via the HMI touchscreen panel.

         Moreover, The Missing Label Detection mode can detect the missing label precisely
and be able to rewind and stop at every missing labels' position exactly.

         The Automatic Label Counter Model-2019 designing is based on real user's experience from Printing-Packaging
and Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. That's why our machine is very easy to use for all users.


- Operating rapidly and accurately with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

- Easy to use with user-friendly designed Touchscreen panel.

- Length measuring(detailed in millimetres) and counting number of labels concurrently.

- No matter what size they are, The machine can stop smoothly with Auto Deceleration function.

- Works perfectly with intelligent algorithm.

- Various materials support for Paper label and Clear Plastic label.

- Wider inspection layout for Q.C. process

- Missing Label Detection and Missing Label Fixing mode (Optional)

- Auto Label Dispensing Function

- Ergonomics front switch bottons

- 1D/2D Barcode validation system (optional)

Demonstration Video...Soon

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Counting speed 50 - 200 m. / min (adjustable)
Dimension (m.) 1.02 x 0.62 x 0.81
Standard inner core size 3 inches
Lift-Off Core Holder Optional
Other Size Core Holder Optional
Applicable label Height 20 - 200 mm.
Max label roll diameter 400 mm.
Power Supply 220 V AC
Controlling System PLC
Control Panel HMI Touchscreen
Label Material Support Opaque Paper
Clear Plastic
Machine Material Aluminium Alloy frame and Stainless Steel table surface
Auto Label Dispensing Function Yes
Missing Label Detection Optional
Foot Switch Optional
Stroboscope Optional
Barcode Verfication System Optional
Instant Inkjet direct printing to label Optional
Camera Inspection System Optional
Constant Speed Control for Inkjet printng / Barcode Verfication System Optional